Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin?

The choice has received nearly universal acclaim from conservative talking heads, but I suspect that is due more to the fact that the choice of Palin meant McCain didn't choose Lieberman or Ridge. Karl Rove's response was tepid and probably more representative of campaign professionals response to McCain's choice. He said it was "pure McCain being McCain." Not exactly high praise from the Turd Blossom.

No doubt Palin has an interesting Horatio Alger story, but as Maurren Dowd pointed out on the NYT's opinion page, you might expect in more in a made for TV movie on Lifetime than you would in the midst of a national political campaign.

Putting aside whether her political experience "qualifies" her for the job, I suspect that she will very soon realize that she's out of her depth. Irrespective of the low regard we have for our permanent political class, most have acquired considerable skills in handling the challenges of 24 hour media and a grueling campaign/money raising grind. While I'm more than willing to take a wait and see approach for the moment, I confess to having serious doubts as to whether she will ultimately prove to be up for the challenge.

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