Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Fun on The Blog

Nothing to say other than I wish I saw sunshine and had income, oh well.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Glenn Beck - Roger Ailes' Nutjob

While I confess to watching Beck nightly (yes, I realize I'm part of the problem), it's because I'm totally fascinated by him. Do not worry about logical progression when watching the show, it's unimportant. Two plus two doesn't equal four, but just jump on board on the fun train! The 9/12 "project" is bizarre, what is the point, I watched him describe it innumerable times but I still have no idea what he's talking about. My conclusion, it's about Glenn, the entirety of the show and its antecedents are about Beck, logic need not apply.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Speech to Joint Session, Stimulus Bill Saves/Generates 1 Million New Jobs, Stock Markets Up (Again)

It's a beautiful world, all is great, nothing to worry about, give me a break. Where is the reality potion, 'cause lord knows there is tons of demand. I am flummoxed, how long can this nonsense go on. Enough of my mindless ranting, I'm done.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tonight Obama Speaks to Joint Session of Congress

Story on the web last night claims Reid and Pelosi have the votes and Obama wants to utilize hyper speed to push health care reform too, note that the story was light on specifics and that's the rub. I don't see how the Senate passes a bill nearly as comprehensive as the administration was looking/hoping for, point of fact, I think there's no shot. Leaks from the White House indicate that Obama will support the public option, but that ship sailed seven weeks ago.

The real remaining question is what type of speech Obama will deliver. I'd seriously question an extensive lecture format, because than nonsense simply won't work and its failure will leave a gaping hole in the hull of the USS Obama. Whether that leads to a democratic blood bath next November, despite current thinking, isn't a fait acompli, democratic fortunes are more tied to the economy. As to the economy, I am not optimistic. A jobless recovery, in my opinion, will result in an unmitigated romp for republicans. While the death of the republican brand may have been greatly exaggerated, the only real cure is one party rule, just what we have now.

I for one have lost almost entire confidence in the political class. These clowns (just pick a party) care very little about what happens in "real" America. They live in an unrealistic fantasy land. The vast majority of the state legislatures are, in fact, worse than the feds. State bureaucracies are even more ignorant of economic reality than the feds. States' have promised employees, police and teachers ridiculous pension and medical care that are simply not sustainable. Not only not sustainable now, but unsustainable in the best of economic times. But will government shrink, unlikely.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Reports of My Demise are Greatly Exagerated!

Despite claims to the contrary, I am alive. My silence has been driven more by amazement than anything else. The administration is a mess. Lack of focus, overconfidence, and general ignorance of the body politic can all be blamed for the ineffectualness of the present administration. Oh, let's not forget ceding 'control/authority' to Nancy and the nut-jobs running the House of Representatives. I don't know what else to say at this point. More to follow.

A few comments regarding the inane equity markets: Please get a grip on reality. Sure the market is supposed to look forward six to nine months, but let's get a grip, true recovery is a ways off. The consumer is strapped, if not unemployed. Housing ain't going to recover when people with 770+ FiCO scores can't get mortgages. I think the recovery will be slow, but what do I know.