Sunday, November 23, 2008

January 20th is Soon Enough

Left-leaning talking heads and op-ed writers are banging the drum for Obama to take the reins of government ahead of the constitutionally mandated date for the presidential transition.  On the other side of the political spectrum, there are silly claims of the "Obama recession."  

Neither of the foregoing persons possess much beyond a remedial understanding of the current financial crisis, if fact listening to them opine on these matters is painful.  Talk about being out of their collective depth, most of these folks most readily resemble Sarah Palin's rambling, nonsensical blather when they seek to characterize what's going on.

I argue that it is prudent for President-elect Obama move .cautiously.  This crisis is dynamic.  As the current administration's efforts have evidenced, today's "solution" may be next week's folly.  The US (and the world's) economy is trodding virgin territory.  Some of what will happen is beyond the control of government.  Better to move slowly and prudently, than respond as ifin  campaign mode.  The next administration needs to guard its credibility fiendishly with regard to our present circumstances.  A rapid response methodology is the polar opposite of what current circumstances demand.  Careful, thoughtful and to extent practicable, consistent economic messages are imperative to allow world markets to heal.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RNC and Newt Make a Prudent Decision

Okay, it's necessary for me to include a post regarding something other than Sarah Palin.  The head of the RNC is the same person they should have chosen last time, Michael Steele.  Steele, the former Lt. Gov of Maryland, seems like the likely choice.  Newt has taken himself out of contention.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palin's Interview with Greta

I was a bit dismissive of the Africa country or continent kerfuffle, but watching the interview gave me pause.  She seems to know something about Darfur, but her explanation (if I generously call it that) was incomprehensible.  Based on her rapid fire, nonsensical rambling, I think her understanding of Africa is no more than puddle deep.  She admits going "off script," read off message, this strikes me as evidence of her selfishness and conceit.  Does she honestly believe that she knows better.  That shocks me as much as anything, no humility whatsoever, is this a positive quality?

Her inability to speak coherently is startling.  I do not believe expecting a vice presidential candidate to speak proper English is elitist.  She absolutely tortures the language.  'Also,' 'they too' and 'there too' are ostensibly used as punctuation.  To understand her responses certainly requires a Tivo and the generous use of the replay button.  She changes tenses within sentences, uses multiple prepositional phrases to pollute sentences and constantly uses 'had' where 'has' is appropriate.  It drives me to distraction.  The speed rambling she uses when she's uncomfortable with a question or issue is another consistent feature.

I find the support for her among the party leaders to be representative of the worst form patronization.  She is an intriguing figure, but honestly, she's a dolt, a highly ambitious, somewhat arrogant dolt.  

Monday, November 10, 2008

Perhaps Someone Read My Blog - Nah Probably Not

On Wednesday of last week, I questioned whether Karl Rove had some special deal that prohibited anyone on FNC from asking him about the failure of his professed goal to create a durable Republican majority.  Much to my surprise, Knucklehead Smith, I mean intellectual lightweight Alan Colmes,  weakly sought to outmaneuver Karl Rove.  His initial question was a pitiful attempt at gotcha, asking Rove about his 'statement" about creating a 'permanent Republican majority.'  Rove prraied effectively, correcting (appropriately) Colmes on the quote, while deftly avoiding responding to the substance of the question and/or Rove's personal responsibility for the national Republican party's current state.  Colmes, remarkably ill-informed, verbally fumbled about for a moment or two and moved on to his second question.  When will Rove's policy guidance throughout the GWB administration be called into question.  One reason you don't read it is because Karl Rove was/is the best friend of the journalists, providing abundant amounts of inside info 'on background.'

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Emergent Bear?

While it's not yet clear how the global slowdown and the dive in the price of oil will have on Russia's desire to reestablish its empire.  You've gotta love the strutting titular leader, Medvedev.  Every time I see him on tape I'm have to chuckle.  He's (and his sponsor Putin) a manifestation of the Napoleonic syndrome.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

2012 Race Begins

Bobby Jindal will travel to Iowa next month.  He is a man of intellect and promise (as opposed to the knucklehead from Alaska) and a politician to be reckoned with.

Karl Rove's Special Deal with FNC

Let me state clearly, I'd love to dine with Karl Rove.  He is an enormously talented and knowledgeable professional.  That said, his bailiwick is campaigns not policy.  His masterful manufacture of the "W" from Midland from a lost brat to a Texas Governor to a two-term President is incomparable.  His knowledge of the microscopic aspects of the national electoral process is beyond compare (although some may now argue, a new gunslinger has appeared on the horizon, David Plouffe the under forty wunderkid that outflanked the manifestly destined Hilliary Clinton campaign), but I digress.

How is it that he's been omnipresent throughout the campaign season, yet I have never seen him asked about his claim of creating a durable Republican majority.  This question is particularly salient given the fact that the northeast is bereft of Republican representation, moreover the Old Dominion voted Democratic in the presidential election and is lead by a Democratic governor and two Democratic senators.  Add New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado (will Florida, Montana and Arizona follow?) to the mix and the sorry state of the national republican party is evident.  The fact that the question does not get asked cannot be a coincidence.

The Palin Chronicles

It's only just begun, there is quite a tale to be told here.  Carl Cameron of FNC, is reporting some National Enquirer type details regarding Billy Kristol's girl.  Call me a voyeur, I'm fascinated by it.  I'll try and read everything I can on the subject and distill it down to a supportable case.  Headline note, according to Cameron, McCain aides claim Palin thought Africa was a country and South Africa an area within it.  Too specific a reference, to my mind, to have been invented.  Secondly, Palin's shopping stories have apparently just begun.  I know I'm shallow, but I love this stuff.

As a Kid I'd Often Been Told . . .

. . . only in America.  If it was not exemplified this evening in a more meaningful way, I am not aware of it.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Now the Test - Not to Govern, but Please, to Lead

The problems and challenges are vast.  The tired, dusty ideas of his party's apparatchiks claim to offer hope, but those positions offer no more hope than the least common denominator tripe peddled by Karl Rove.  Obama strikes me as ultimately a pragmatist, one willing to learn, willing to admit he doesn't know every answer off the top of his head or from his gut.  True leadership requires foresight, a quality much under appreciated by the American electorate.  Because leadership fed by foresight does not necessarily provide the answer most readily digestible, our impatience and immediate gratification culture fails to hold this trait with the appropriate level of respect.  I implore President-elect Obama to lead with foresight, a quality sorely missing amongst the political class and their immediate gratification seeking electorate.

A Proud Moment For America

Not merely that an African-American has been elected President of the United States, but that in defeat McCain expressed himself so deeply and earnestly.  I'm at a bit of a loss for words.

FNC Reports Obama Campaign States . . .

all turn out goals exceeded in PA and IN, McCain campaign is eerily quiet 

FNC Calls NC Senate Race for Hagen


MD, IL, CT, NH ME DE to Obama
OK McCain

PA declared too close to call by FNC NBC calls it for Obama

WSJ Exit Poll Info

Voter ID '04 40-35% Republican to Democrat

'08 40% - 30% Democrat to Republican

big change

NBC/FNC Call SC for McCain

FNC - WV McCain, OH, NC,GA Too CLose To Call

Reports Trickling Out from GOP Sources that Sen Dole of NC is Done

Re: IN Too Close to Call

Note that GWB won the state by 21% in '04

KY McCain VT Obama --- Yawn

No One Willing to Call IN or VA

although reading between the lines, at least one seems likely to fall to Obama 

Exit Poll Info

Most now agree these results must be taken with  grain of salt, but the margins are large.

Ohio: Obama +8 
New Mexico: Obama +9 
Virginia: Obama +9 
Pennsylvania: Obama +15 
Missouri: Obama +7 
Florida: Obama +4

Update #3

Kondrake says what most of America already thought, except he'sgot the exit polls - Obama is the  President elect.  I suspect that means PA and/or VA aren't even close

Update #2

Wow, over 25,000 votes reported, Obama with a slight lead, anyone else anxious.  What's worse is I have to go toahigh school football game in 2 hours, ugh!

Update #1

CNN storyline: Will Obama win Indiana?

Exit Poll Dribbles #6

KY polls are closed, as are most in IN 

Exit Polling #5

Obama+15 in PA???

Exit Poll Dribbles #4

52% of African-Americans registered to vote in NC availed themselves of early voting!

Poll Dribbles #3

Biggest Issues
Econ. 62%
Iraq   10%
Health Care 9%
Terrorism 9%

Exit Poll Dribbles #2

Late deciders to Obama in IN and OH, to McCain in Vir. although not by large margins.  White males breaking for McCain, white males are 36% of those voting.

Exit Poll Info Dribbling Out #1

IN, OH, Virginia, approx 10% of voters are 1st time voters, of those 1st timers, they are breaking approx. 68% Obama 32% McCain

Another Chink in the Armor

Sean Hannity's remaining hope seems to fade, the IBD's last national poll shows Obama by 8.  Now the question can Obama temper his party's ardor and govern pragmatically in he most challenging economic environment since the 1970's.  I believe the most critical fact is that the first priority of any newly-elected president is to get re-elected.  

Monday, November 03, 2008

Rush Claims the Appearance of an Impending Obama Victory is Purely Media Driven

Oh puh-lease!  Rush seems to have become increasingly divorced from reality recently.   While it is not unusual for him to ignore inconvenient facts, his persistence in selling his audience rubbish regarding the state of the McCain campaign (despite his well-documented disdain for McCain) does reflect positively on his candor.  Moreover, he hasn't revisit his categorical denial of the problems in the economy spanning July, August and September.  His claims during that time were that the media was merely talking down the economy, irrespective of all evidence to the contrary and despite that fact that Florida, his home state, was an epicenter of the real estate mess. 

Sometimes I wonder why one so willing to call others on their mistakes and foolish statements is so consistently unwilling to apply the same standard to himself.  Rush is far from a paragon of self-awareness.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Precious Few Continue McCain Happy Talk

The happy talk express seeems out of gas.  Only Hannity, Kristol and those at the National Review Corner are willing to see a victory for McCain.  Republican defense is the tale of the campaign at this point.  Gosh, how will miss ya Sarah ;););).