Friday, March 31, 2006

"Thousands of Tactical Errors"

Ouch, Secretary of State Rice eschews mincing words and states that the administraton has made "thousands of tactical errors" with respect to Iraq (see, Wow, that's a lot and Secretary Rice desreves kudos for her refreshing (and increasing less rare) candor. Sure, anyone paying attenton knew that ths was the case, but such an admission by the most powerful woman in the world is definitely worthy of note. For those watching, the fair and balanced folks of Fox News haven't mentioned it yet. Update Fox has the story in its 7p.m. news update.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bud "No It Ain't Real Squirrel On My Head" Selig Launches a (Self)Righteous Inquiry

So Bud "Can I interest you in a gentlely used 1978 Chevy Monte Carlo" Selig knighted former Senator George Mitchell to lead an inquiry in to the use of steroids in baseball. Whop dee doo! "I am shocked, shocked that gambling is going on here (feeble Casablanca reference)."

I predict no expungement of records nor asterices (note the pitchers were taking the juice too). Moreover, it wasn't against the rules at the time. It'll be known as the "Steroid Era," akin to the dead ball era, but with a stronger touch of disdain. Note, the mound was higher when Bob Gibson had an era of 1.12, a fact that neither diminishes Gibson status as a great pitcher nor the high level of excellence he displayed in achieving the mark. Bonds is an all-timer irrespective. The press doesn't like him and he doesn't like them. IMHO much of it stems from his failure to hit during the playoffs when he was with the Pirates. He was a cocky kid that had a monster set of seasons, but laid an egg in the playoffs. The press slammed him for that and he never forgot it. From there the relationship more closely resembled the Liza Minelli-David Guest "marriage".

From a business standpoint the home run boom was baseball saving grace and the owners loved it. They knew what the score was with respect to steroid use and mindfully turned a blind eye. This is an attempt to appear to be an effective self-governing business in order to keep the politicians from getting their grimey paws around this matter (in greater depth than those ridiculous inept hearings they held). Is there anything worse than listening to a bunch of grandstanding political hacks attempt to appear knowledgeable. Many don't understand the basics of constitutional law let alone the idiosyncrancies of the infield fly rule. It waspainful to watch those sessons.

Remember, above all else baseball doesn't want to lose its Holy Grail - its exemption from the federal anti-trust laws.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Patriot SIgning Statement

What is the established precedent for the legal import of executive signing statements. How and or when will this somewhat novel twist on legislative intent be addresssed the Supreme Court. When will the rule of law return? I do not consider myself an alarmist and frankly I am personally unlikely to be impacted by the unrelenting march of the imperialistic executive. This is not what the framers of the constitution envisioned. Depending upon one's political pursuasion the unilateral power grab by this president is either benign paternalism or illegal despotism. One thing for sure, future presidents will seize upon the precedent now being set at least until such time that the Supreme Court is able to restore the balance of powers between the branches.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Secretary Snow's Eyebrows Finally Brought Under Control

Hasn't anyone else noticed that Treasury Secretary Snow finally got his completely out-of-control eyebrows trimmed. My clarion call for action has finally been answered, albeit about four years late. I cannot believe that someone, anyone didn't tell this wealthy old coot that he looked like a cartoon character before now. CNBC broadcasts were bad enough, but when he was occasionally shown on network TV in HD he was downright frightening.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Miscellaneous Rambling

Spring is in the air, plants are showing life and hope is pervasive. Despite the fact that I dislike the cold, four distinct seasons are wonderful. The quiet deparation of winter gives way to the optimism of spring. I like to dream big in the spring and attempt to move some items into the completion column.

March madness is also upon us and thankfully the Hoosiers appear to have secured a spot. I really want the best for Mike Davis (and the Hoosiers, of course). I think he came into an almost impossible situation. He's a top drawer recruiter and a C-plus game coach. I believe his coaching instincts are good and he may become a top-flight coach if he finds the right spot. Irrespective of the difficulty inherent in the current job Mr. Davis is an extremely emotional fellow. He'll need to develop a thicker skin in order to be successful at a big time program (note, the fewer references he initially makes to the IU situation the better off he'll be). I have a lot of thoughts on this topic I may blog further in the future.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Why Am I Blogging

Is this merely a journal that I'm leaving on a table rarely passed? I don't know. On one level it provides an outlet for thoughts that I wish to outwardly express. On another, it allows me to write. I subscribe to the thought that writing is a skill that atrophies and strengthens when engaged in regularly. I find I use few action verbs. My writing is far too passive. I guess I need to add Strunks, Elements of Style to my ever expanding reading "To Do" list. Thinking of this type often paralyzes me, leading to mindless internet surfing or TiVo watching.

Remember being conscious isn't a synonym for sloth.