Friday, October 30, 2009

More of the Same From The WH

Are they tone deaf or simply idiots. The latest from the government about the jobs they've created or saved, debunked What we learn as citizens is that the government, irrespective of the party in control, will tell the country what it believes they want to hear. It's pitiful, our governmental class is so out of touch with the citizenry that it is astounding. When will it change, I fear, no rather I expect, not within my lifetime. Congress is a joke, as is the Executive branch. I'm no kind of believer in the nonsense of the village idiot Glenn Beck, but the distance of our politicians from the people they reportedly represent is vast. I beyond troubled, I am despondent.

Thin Skin of WH Getting Pretty Old

Time to man up WH, the latest shot across the bow from the WH is against, the car website. The shot attacks's assertion that cash for clunkers cost the taxpayers $24,000 per car. While I question the number from Edmund's, the fact is the WH looks like clowns, trying to shout down all who challenge their programs. Grow up, everyone recognizes that we are playing on untrod ground. Quit being so defensive, do what you think is right, if the data shows you were wrong, do something shocking, admit it. The current administration continues to look weak.

Moreover, the administration's job creation numbers are pure fantasy. It is pitiable to put forward such lame information when the economic realities are so severe. It is entirely the wrong economic time to have such a pro-government administration in place.

The administration has shown precious little attentiveness to the present economic circumstances, instead they continue down a wish list that is out of step with present facts. I am extraordinarily troubled, the US economy is in shambles. Not beyond repair, mind you, but profoundly troubled.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I Question the Intellectual Strength of Valerie Jarrett

I watched her a number of times at this point and I am not yet convinced that this woman is all that bright, certainly not with regard to national politics. I know she has many acolytes not the least of which is the President himself, but I remain unconvinced. More importantly, I think her non-public, governmental knowledge is even more wanting. Frankly, I think her advice is atrocious. While her name is not associated with her unattributed comments to the press, I feel fairly confident her fingerprints are apparent on a number of items, yet of course her style is entirely different from the other 2 major spinners within the administration, Rahm and Axelrod. Her careless hiring decisions are one thing, but having a tin ear to the national political scene convinces me she is out of her depth.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Bad Was That Call

The call on Joe Mauer's ball to right field in yesterday's Yankee Twins game was deplorable. I will say as succinctly as possible that it is the worst call I have ever seen in playoff baseball. The call was not even close and was absolutely abysmal. There is simply no excuse, the umpire was the left field umpire, unbelievable.