Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brit Hume - Could He Be Anymore Sanctimonious??

Brit Hume is daft. His latest effort to assert himself as the King of Sanctimony was on display today with his breathy, mock shock denunciation of John Edwards statement at the latest Democratic debate that second graders should decide whether they learn about same sex couples (the question specifically spoke about a child's book that described princes who marry). Put aside the absurdity of Edwards proposition, Hume's feigned shock is painful in its complete lack of sincerity. Edwards is a desperate, if not fatally flawed candidate trying to become relevant. Why should he be any different than the other clowns running for political office (perhaps excepting McCain), that is, willing to say anything, irrespective of logic or principle.

This is just the latest from Hume. He seems intent on grasping the bronze ring of sanctimony from a long and (un)worthy list of aspirants. All I can say is UGH!