Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bad Follow Thru: The Gonzales Mess

Bad Follow Thru: The Gonzales Mess

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Troubling Justification for Mideast Actions

When did the protection of Israel from threats become the de facto basis for US policy in the Middle East. Based upon rhetoric from the Administration as well as that of prominent members of the Senate, one would assume that Israel is the 51st state.

It should be noted that Israel is a sovereign state, one that does not hesitate to pursue its foreign policy ends whether or not its actions are consistent with the interests of the US. Moreover, it is often our interests dovetail with that of Israel. That said, I emphatically and categorically reject the notion that US and Israeli interests are one in the same. I also strenuously reject the notion that the protection of Israel is a duty of the US government. I am not attacking Israel nor minimizing its importance to the US as an ally, but I do know that US policy and Israeli policy are not one in the same, not by a long shot. The US government's duty is to US citizens not the citizens of allies irrespective of the strength of certain lobbies.